What do we do?

Everyone probably recognizes this... In every organization there is talk of "data".

This can be structured data (think of databases and the like, or lists of products, series with measured values, etc) but also unstructured data such as emails, documents in various formats, etc. It can be a small amount of data or it can be a lot of it. Periodically or just once, Big Data, Lakes, old Silos, you name it...

And in addition to the presence of all that data, it is also increasingly about the use and, in particular, the exchange thereof. Organizations not only have more and more data, but also want (read: have to!) exchange more and more data with each other.

Moreover, the location of that data is an important point: in the cloud, on premise on your own servers or "at the edge", ie in the field. This also immediately concerns matters such as security, storage, transport and lifespan, just to name a few important aspects. The whole spectrum of topics is very broad and that can mean that a solution is difficult to realize and manage or that at least the road towards any form iof a solution is bumpy.

3Tek Solutions is happy to help you with this and offers ICT Consultancy and services. Based on a broad spectrum of activities, our own products and tooling, experienced and professional consultants and a large network of partners to work with, we are able to help you with all your data-related questions. We have been active since the emergence of the internet and we have seen the different ICT areas emerge, grow and develop into what they are today. That gives us a competitive edge in terms of the services we can provide you!



Our toolbox is filled with a great set of tools and with that we can always provide a well-fitting solution.

A good example is DataExchange, a product that we have developed to provide for the handling of data inside and outside an organization or a company. DataEchange is a data management and data exchange solution. You offer your data to dataexchange.nl, then determine which customers there are for this data and how they will then obtain the relevant data. In the meantime, you can automatically edit this data in dataexchange.nl in many ways. Dataexchange.nl is fully managed by you on the basis of a sophisticated Portal that you visit with your web browser.

Visit www.dataexchange.nl >

Knowledge and people

In addition, we have a lot of in-house knowledge that we use to come up with a solution for your specific wishes.

This will often already be possible on the basis of DataExchange, but customized solutions are also possible. In that respect, DataExchange can be expanded in such a way that we can solve a potentially complex problem relatively quickly.

The right people are also very important: our consultants are able to connect with you because we are experienced. Not only do we bring technical skills and our DataExchange, but we also have an eye for the human aspects. You also base good collaboration on the ability to listen carefully to what people have to say.


Customized software

Because of the thorough analyses we can perform, combined with many years of experience in the field, we can offer fully automated solutions.

"Software for the sake of the software" is of course never the goal. We want solutions, and we prefer to automate that. After all, that's our job! It often depends on a thorough analysis and accompanying plan. By listening carefully to our clients, we are often able to arrive at the right solution fairly quickly. With a down-to-earth mentality and based on good communication, we translate needs and necessities into solutions.

What is very useful is the well-stocked toolbox that we can bring with us. As already mentioned, this includes our own tooling and our own products such as DataExchange, but we also make frequent use of the latest and stable standard software available. We are not necessarily tied to specific programming languages or techniques and we bring thorough knowledge, based on years of experience.

We often offer our solutions in a mixed form and that can also include hosting. That hosting can be set up with us, in our own secure Private Cloud, but certainly also at your location "on premise". The possibilities are endless in that regard. We also offer options for the daily management of your solutions in the form of staffing.


Advise and support

Sometimes there are situations in which people do not immediately need a tangible solution, but do have questions.

How do you handle something like that? How do you ensure that you get to the starting spot properly? What should we do to accelerate our project? How do we get "all noses pointed in the same direction"? What should I do now to be able to continue to use my data in the future?

Many questions that we may already know the answer to, or that we can help you find the answer to. The following also applies here: by listening carefully to you and by using our many years of experience, we are also able to contribute to your success in advisory roles.

Perhaps we can tell you more about that in a personal conversation. Take a look below for the contact details, we are always ready to meet you!



Please contact us to find out more. Completely without obligation of course! Let yourself be convinced of the services and the solutions that 3Tek Solutions can offer you!

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