TDR Racing Lithium Ion Batteries

The TDR Racing Lithium Ion Starterbattery is a new development and is available in models with different capacities. For instance, the 5.5Ah version is called the TDR550 and this is suitable for Motorcycles with a displacement of 1000cc as a maximum. Depending on the cranking currents needed, this battery can also be used in even bigger bikes.

The TDR5500 is a 13.2V LiFePo4 based battery and is is very capable of starting 4 cylinder motorcycles, but even the big V-Twins that have a bit less compression can easily be started with this little gem of a Lithium Ion Battery!

Lithium Ion Starter Battery Lithium Bike Power LBP 5500 5500mAh 13.2V

3Tek Engineering is also offering the smaller 3300mAh version called the TDR330 which is especially suited for smaller Motorcycles, Motocross and Off Road motorcycles as well. The 3300 can be used in motorcycles with up to 600cc displacement, and in some occasions in motorcycles with up to 750cc displacement:

TDR Racing Lithium Ion Battery 3.3Ah 13.2V

The product range is even bigger with the new 2.5Ah version called the TDR2500:

TDR Racing Battery TDR2500, 2.5Ah 13.2V

This extremely small and light weight LiFePo4 based battery is suited for the smaller motorcycles, capable of delivering a whopping 120 Ampere of cold cranking power (CCA). That's what we call real power!

Focusing on the TDR55, let's have a quick look at the advantages this exciting new product brings:
  • Compact and extremely lightweight, measures only 99x95x82mm, weighs less than 1 Kg!
  • Usable within a broad temperature range
  • Can be charged very quickly
  • Extremely long lifespan under  normal use

This TDR5500 uses the powerfull, intrinsically safe and very stable LiFePo4 chemistry and has been designed especially with Motorbikes, quads and scooters in mind. The list of applications does not stop there though, and if you would like more info, please don't hesitate to contact us, we would be glad to help out!

TDR5500 can be charged much more quickly than regular Lead Acid Batteries. Where a regular Lead Acid battery often needs at least 7 - 14 hours before being fully charged, the TDR5500 can be charged in as little as 30 minutes if charged at 10A.

The lifespan of this
TDR5500 is very extreme under normal conditions, especially when compared to it's Lead Acid counterpart. Seven years or more is an easily reachable goal.

This powerfull solution can operate efficiently within a very good temperature range. Although older types of Lithium Ion batteries had the problem of loosing power in lower temperatures (especially below 0 degrees Celsius), the
TDR5500 has an operating temperature range of -30 to +85 degrees Celsius. Starting in cold temperatures is much easier than before, when using the TDR5500!

Capacity 5500mAh / Voltage 13.2V
BMS included
Regular charge method example: 7.5A to 14.4 CCCV, 45 min
Quick charge method example: 20A (maximum) to 14.4 CCCV, 15 min
Continuous discharge current: 300A
Pulse discharge current (10 sec.): 350A
Operating Voltage Range from 14.4V to 8V
Operating temperature from -30°C to +85°C
Storage temperature from -40°C to +100°C
Weight is less than 1000 Grams
Extremely long shelf life when in storage
Very low self discharge

Please contact us for more details. We would be glad to help you out! Starting now, this product is available in large quantities, at attractive prices. Options for this product include custom casings, branding with your own logo, custom colors and lot more.

Currently available at these places amongst others:

More Distributors will be added to this overview soon, so please keep a close eye to this page for more information about obtaining your own TDR Racing Lithium Ion Starter Battery within your country!


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